Terms and Conditions

1. Use of the apartment

The apartment is rented exclusively for residential use and this on a temporary basis. The tenant, prior to his reservation, declares that the reservation is not directly related to his professional activity. The Tenant would not have any specific right related to the rental if it were to occur that he/she had to exercise a professional activity in the premises. The Tenant will not be able to practice any commercial, craft or professional activity. In the same way, the apartment cannot constitute the principal or even secondary residence of the tenant. Consequently, the tenant occupying the apartment cannot take advantage of the legal provisions applicable to residential leases, in particular as regards the maintenance of the premises.

2. At your arrival

The arrivals are made from 16H. Departures are made before 10H. We will be there to welcome you at the rental address that has been specified. Please indicate your arrival time as soon as possible.

3. Inventory of the rented premises

In addition to the inventory, the inventory of the rented premises is the subject of a document drawn up in as many copies as there are parties to the contract, i.e. 2 copies and attached to the latter. If no inventory has been drawn up, the tenant is presumed to have received the rented premises in a good state of repair and must return them as such unless proven otherwise (art. 1731 of the Civil Code).

4. Duration of the lease

The duration of the rental is that which was defined at the time of the reservation. The rental ends automatically at the end of the period established at the time of your reservation. The duration of the stay cannot be extended without the express and prior agreement of La Boîte en Plus.

5. Rent

The rent for the entire stay is due upon arrival in the apartment. 30% of the rent is taken at the time of reservation and the balance the day before your arrival.

Please note that a deposit of €500 is blocked in your bank account for reservations made directly (but not withdrawn), while we ensure the return of the rented property in its original condition.

6. Obligations of the parties

a. The Landlord undertakes :

- to deliver to the Tenant a dwelling in a good state of use and repair as well as the furnishings and equipment mentioned in the inventory in good working order;

- to provide the Tenant with the services provided for in the contract.

- to maintain the dwelling in a state to be used for the use envisaged by the contract and to make all the repairs, necessary to maintain in good condition and the maintenance of the rented dwelling.b. The Tenant agrees to :

- to pay the rent at the agreed upon times;

- to comply with the terms of delivery and return of the agreed keys;

- to peacefully use the rented premises according to their contractual destination;

- not to transfer or sublet the rented premises, even free of charge;

- to be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs during the term of the lease in the premises which he/she has exclusive use of, except in cases of force majeure, fault of the lessor or the actions of a third party whom he/she did not introduce into the premises;

- to refrain from throwing objects into all the pipes that could obstruct them, under penalty of having to bear the costs of putting the said pipes back into service- not to transform the rented premises and equipment;

- to clean the kitchenette and the dishes before his departure, and to leave a clean room and free of any waste or garbage. He also agrees to put back the furniture (furniture, lamps moved...)

- to respect the internal rules of the building and/or the rules of co-ownership;

- the tenant must be insured by an insurance company against the risks of theft, fire and water damage, as well as for his rental risks as for the furniture given in hiring, as well as for the recourse of the neighbors, and to justify it to the owner during the handing-over of the keys. Consequently, the owner declines any responsibility for the recourse that his insurance company could exert against the tenant in the event of disaster. In no case, La Boîte en Plus will be held responsible if the tenant is not insured.

- not to proceed to any order of video on demand via the proposed television service.

7. Liability

The Hirer waives any liability or claim against La Boîte en Plus in the following cases :

1. Theft, attempted theft, any criminal act or any assault, of which the tenant could be victim in the rented premises; the tenant expressly waives the benefit of Article 1719 paragraph 3 of the Civil Code, assuming no obligation of supervision.7.02.2012 3 /

2. Irregularities, malfunction or interruption of elevators, water service, electricity, gas, telephone, air conditioning, all computer systems and utilities and common equipment of the building or specific to the rented accommodation.

3. Nuisances, especially noise, work likely to occur outside the housing.

4. Accidents occurring in the rented premises or due to the rented premises during the term of the contract, whatever the cause.

5. Malfunction of the Internet or cable television, or in case of non-compatibility of the materials of the accommodation with those of the tenant.

6. Change by La Boîte en Plus, if the situation requires it, of the apartment initially reserved. La Boîte en Plus is also not responsible for the sites consulted on the internet by the tenant.

8. Cancellation of the stay

a- By the tenantThe tenant will have the possibility of proceeding to the cancellation of his stay by informing the company La Boîte en Plus by e-mail 30 days before the date of beginning of the stay. In this case, the deposit will be refunded in full. If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the start date of the stay, La Boîte en Plus will keep the deposit paid at the time of booking as a cancellation penalty. No additional compensation will be requested from the tenant.

b- By the OwnerLa Boîte en Plus will have the possibility to cancel the stay whatever the date. La Boîte en Plus will propose, if possible, an equivalent replacement apartment. If there is no replacement apartment available or if it is not suitable for the tenant, the deposit will be returned in full to the tenant who will have no recourse against La Boîte en Plus.

9. Resolutory clauses and penalty clauses

a/ Resolutive clause In the event of non-payment of the sums agreed upon in article 1.3, the contract will be terminated by operation of law without judicial formality.

b/ Penalty clause Without prejudice to the possible implementation of the resolutory clause and the request for the allocation of damages, by virtue of article 1226 of the Civil Code relating to penalty clauses, the parties agree that a default in the payment of rent or charges will result in an increase of 15% of the sums due. This penalty clause shall be effective in the event of inaction by the Tenant beyond seven days from the sending by the lessor of a formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.